this is about my life k?


Fic title: It's A Sort Of Fairytale With You
Author name: tardistenantsue
Artist name: kaelysta
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: M for language
Word count: 22073
Warnings: There's cussin' and crossdressin'
Summary: It’s a Disneyland AU where Sandy makes bad choices and so Jensen ends up filling in for her as Jane to Jared’s Tarzan. But Jensen is so good at what he does that Jared kind of falls for him a bit and draws Jensen in as well. They never meant for it to happen, but it sure did.


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Author’s Notes: First, thanks to the mods here : wendy for allowing me to join in again this year. Next, my beta maddylionx3 who I more or less forced into it and she ended up reading it out load to me in various voices, including a wonderful Dr. Phil that had me in such stitches I had to leave the room for a while. And then there is staticsintheair who was my artist two years ago and we kept in touch and talked about this fic for a while before it would come out of my brain. There is still a bit to write too so look for add-ons later on. This was written for her.

Last, but certainly not least by any means, kaelysta who worked so hard on the art. I love it more than I think she understands! I hope she enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed her art. And congrats to her on her wonderful news!
this is about my life k?

Chapter Fifteen


Jensen thought he was clear of the park when he heard a voice behind him call his name. Or, rather, not his name, but ‘Mackenzie’. He tried to walk a little quicker, but he had been hasty when he was tying his laces and tripped a bit, allowing the person who had called for him to catch up and just grab on to his arm as he began to topple.

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this is about my life k?

Chapter Twelve


Twenty minutes later would find Jensen standing in front of the full-length mirror, marveling at the person he was staring at. She had some familiar features; ones Jensen saw when he looked at his sister, his mother, his aunts. But there were others there that were unmistakably Jensen, just softened. And then there were the bits that belonged to neither. Those were the handiwork of Danneel who had the assistance of something she had called ‘cutlets’ and one of her extra bras. The underwire was digging into him, but other than that, it wasn’t too bad. He had to admit, the whole package they had created wasn’t completely unconvincing as a woman, especially now that they had managed to make his hair look longer with the clip-in extensions Sophia had forgotten and left in her locker last month. Hell, the way he looked now, Jensen was forced to admit to himself – and if he was pressed, the others - he’d have tried to pick himself up at the bar.

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this is about my life k?

Chapter Eleven


Genevieve took her phone from her purse and scrolled thorough the numbers until she found the one she was looking for. Danneel frowned, trying to figure out just who the other woman was calling, knowing no one else had even been considered to play Jane that they knew. Finally, there was and answer on the other end of the phone and Genevieve smiling into the receiver.

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